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About Amy AevonAestra
Amy  AevonAestra is so excited to bring spirit and consciousness into  businesses across multiple industries and modalities with her new online  healing resource membership directory, specialty search and referral  business, Soul Star Star Sourcing.

This dream is coming true now  for her to offer the best of her greatest passions to you! For 13 years  Amy was a very successful executive recruiter, sourcing and connecting  top talent with the best companies. She has developed and facilitated  numerous programs and events within health organizations and social  service institutions. For the past 17 years AevonAestra has been  committed to a healing practice where she has been consciously  connecting humans to their own divine truth, to their own souls, soul  families and healing teams through soul healing and coaching,  vibrational healing products, events/experiences, education, referral  networking and hosting . Her connectedness to Source and her energetic  mastery create opportunities for all that work with her. She is trusted  and respected by clients and peers alike for her authenticity, intuitive  gifts, wisdom, compassion and integrity.

This is a personal invitation from me, Amy AevonAestra, to search and join my network, Soul Star Sourcing.

I  am happy to bring you Soul Star Sourcing, a New paradigm online  resource directory, referral and specialty search business serving both  Seekers and Providers of Spiritual Services and Sacred Spaces.  
I  personally wish to invite all Seekers to search this online healing  resource directory to find Spiritual Services and Sacred Spaces by  location and specialty! You can Search, Review and Connect on your own  for Free! And, if you don’t happen to find what you are looking for, Let  us help you with a Specialty Search for a reasonable charge. I align  your needs with spiritual services or teams through energy matching and  intuition.

Providers, if you have a Spiritual Service or  Sacred Space to offer, I invite you to become a Member of Soul Star  Sourcing. It’s my honor to review, endorse and support you! Join me in  my intentions to increase abundance for All within an etheric Temple of  Manifestation created specifically for this site. Being a part of my  referral network brings qualified leads directly to you! For the magic  to be made, I experience your energy and your personality to bring needs  and services or spaces together using  spiritual guidance and  vibrational resonance.

I feel honored to be working with all of  you Seekers and Providers alike, supporting you to go to your next level  in healing or in business success.

Here's  to health, happiness, peace, love and abundance for All, as we work together!

Amy AevonAestra

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